Fishtank 2.5

This is very unfinished. I will refine this later.

Player 1


Update: Fishtank have started adding their archives to the site. We will begin cloning them here soon once it's more stable.

Update 2: We're now in the process of adding these archives to our site. Specific rooms that have finished downloading will be moved to the "season 2 full" directory, and a torrent will be published once everything is complete.

Browse the archive here

Fishtank Live

Thanks for watching Fishtank on FlowStreams.


0472 / Destin / red / boat: Development of the site, scripts to process streams from Fishtank to keep them alive, season pass funding & server maintenance.

/ftl/ & KiwiFarms: Sending suggestions which we incorporated to improve user experience and kind words for our work. UI isn't our thing so the feedback has been very much appreciated.

Fishtank production & devs: Providing the streams and show, blocking server IPs, sending (invalid) DMCA takedown requests and trying to hack our site.

Season 3

We're planning on returning for season 3 with a refined user interface for Fishtank streams. We'll be active in the /ftl/ threads at this time.

Final message

If you like what we do, consider donating. We pay out of pocket for the season pass & hosting costs, so every little bit helps. For assistance with donating or alternative methods, contact us.


Cloudflare graphs with statistics from the site. This includes bandwidth from other content, but most traffic has been from Fishtank streams.