Hall of Shame / Stream Thieves

These are the streaming sites (and their dirty owners) that have been observed stealing content from FlowStreams through our referrer logs.

We get it, you think our streams are HQ. But it costs us precious bandwidth to serve streams, and most of these sites are riddled with advertisements so we know you're making money. If you want to restream our streams, contact us and we can arrange a deal. Otherwise, you'll end up on this page.

1 person has been removed from this archive via request after performing necessary negotiation protocols.

YoSinTV - Singh Yogendra / Ishwor Bogati

Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

Phone: +977 9840360131

Location: Nepal

Owns a company called Bhadrakali Trade and Electronic Suppliers

SamiBazaar/SamiLiveTV - Nasir Ali

No picture, sorry :(

Emails: [email protected]

Address: House No L-200 Sector 41/B Korangi 2 1/2, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Phone: +92 3323256293

WicketGoal - Anish Lamichhane

Emails: [email protected]

Location: Dhulikhel, Bagmati, Nepal

Phone: +977 9843642832